After the Runway :: THREADshow 2009

Welcome to THREAD Show!

One thing I love about being back in the Bay Area is the abundance of HauteAzifug events that go down. Case in point: THREAD Show 2009. I had so much fun at THREAD this year that I ended up going BOTH days! Style, fashion, good vibes, beer in hand and a room full of good people – the scenario couldn’t have been set-up any better.

San Fran Psycho

Edopeno’s galeria de fotos at Flickr.

Saturday: my Cousin PM Dawn and I hit up Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. This marks the first time that either of us has attended a THREAD show. We warmed up for the “Main Event” by going to New People Artist Village prior. Upon arrival, it was style upon fashion upon creativity, as far as the eye can see.


We arrived early, so it gave both of us plenty of time to absorb all the style and fashion before us. We got to know the designers, what inspired them to createthe Art we Wear, and what motivates them to continue pursuing their dreams. Many people were more than happy to have photos taken of their work, but for some, not so much. Eh, so be it. Who cares, really? There were HELLA people that were more than happy to have their Art remembered in photos.




After a couple hours of walking around, socializing and shopping. It was time to hit the runway. The models were fierce and the performers were audio-gasmic. The perfect fusion of Fashion & Music. And after I threw back a cold one, well you can guess what happened next.

Edo in action


Music & Fashion

Did I also mention I went AGAIN on Sunday? Yup. Hunny K and I usually only have one free day to spend with each other, so we decided on THREAD. After lunch with the family in Oaland Chinatown, we made our way to SF. And as you already know how I spent my day onSaturday, well, I ended up walking that same runway again with Hunny K. Damn.HauteAzifug event. Really great weekend. Can’t wait for THREAD next year…

Check out the full galeria de fotos on Flickr.

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