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Along El Camino Real in the city of San Bruno you’ll find Amami Sushi. – which should really be called “oishii” sushi, or, “yummy sushi because the food they serve is delicious.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

Finding this place is easy: just look for the bright signpost (pictured above) along El Camino Real and the bright, neon sign that glows “OPEN” through the window. Once inside, you’ll find yourself transported to what I felt looked like a very modern and hip lounge. White walls, modestly lit, modern tableware, and a soothing waterfall all create the setting for this dining experience. We arrived before the dinner rush, ordered our food, and was served fairly quickly. This is what we got:

Have you ever been to a church while the choir was singing? Or, at a concert listening to all the screams? That’s what it felt like in my mouth when I took that first bite into the fresh sashimi (butterfish) from our Sashimi Deluxe dish. No soy sauce. No wasabi. No fishy taste nor fishy smell, which are normally markers to the fishes’ quality. None of that. Just the pure delicious taste of “raw” fish.


As the other dishes came out, the consistency of quality never ceased. The Snow White roll was lip-smackin’, the unagi roll (eel) was delectable, and the soup made from the fish of our sashimi platter (pictured), topped off by a super-ono sherbet dessert – made for a very satisfying dinner.


Overall, Amami Sushi is fantastic. Quick service, nice ambiance, and the food is super-oishii.

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[Hat Tip to Leo] [images by Edo using iPhone 5]

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