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How do you track progress? In school, good grades are a usually a good indicator. For money, a good bank account and credit score is a step in the right direction. But what about health? All the dieting and exercising in the world won’t’ do you any good if you aren’t tracking your progress. Why? Tracking your progress and making adjustment/changes as necessary ensures you’ll be successful. Which is especially important when it comes to your health. Athos aims to provide you the tools to track your fitness health in wearable technology that gives you detailed insight into how your body works as you move. And at the center of it all?

The Core – the brain of the system; it contains the electronics and intelligence to collect and interpret your biosignals, sending your information to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Features include: 10 hours of continuous battery life – Just like an iPad, Weighs less than 20g, and 2.5in tall – Lighter than 4 nickels and shorter than your index finger, Impact resistant – Powers through anything you can, 6-axis accelerometer – Movement isn’t enough without muscle activity.


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