Bay Area Street Food Vendors | Summer 2012 Edition


Twitter. Its probably the BEST microblogging service on the planet. BUT! Can we rely on it to do anything more than spark casual conversations via Tweets? Street-food vendors in the Bay Area will probably tell you “HELL YES!” as many of them turn to Twitter to bring in the masses to get their grub on. Is it a food-trend? Perhaps. And with Summer in full swing, its time to get foodie! If you happen to be visiting or living in the Bay Area and want to get your grub on Street-Food Vendor style, we’ve compiled a list of them that are on Twitter. Check out our favorite food vendors – the Summer 2012 Edition:


  • Twitter@AdoboHobo
  • Website
  • Food Type: Adobo (Philippine Dish) Food Cart
  • MoGoBBQ

  • Twitter@MoGoBBQ
  • Website
  • Food Type: A Korean-inspired mobile food truck company
  • LumpiaCart

  • Twitter@LumpiaCart
  • Website
  • Food Type: A Filipino version of an EGG ROLL
  • PizzaHacker

  • Twitter@PizzaHacker
  • Website
  • Food Type: Pizza. He likes playing with fire.
  • GumboCart

  • Twitter@GumboCart
  • Food Type: Gumbo, man!
  • MaliNumNum

  • Twitter@MaliNumNum
  • WebsiteMaliNumNum Treats
  • Food Type: Filipino/Asian Fusion street & comfort foods w/ desserts to match!
  • Karascupcakes

  • Twitter@Karascupcakes
  • Website
  • Food Type: Sweet Cupcakes
  • IZITfreshgrill

  • Twitter@IZITfreshgrill
  • Website
  • Food Type: nown for it’s ICONIC fried chicken and KICKIN’ tacos
  • GobbaGobbaHey

  • Twitter@GobbaGobbaHey
  • Website
  • Food Type: “baked gobs” of sweet confectionary goodness
  • There you have it! As always, if you know of any more Street Food Vendors in/around the Bay Area, let us know in the comments!

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