Bay Wanderer | Painted Ladies


Bay Wanderer is a visual tour of San Francisco as seen through the lens of a Bay Wanderer. The Apple iOS app contains a list of Bay Area, CA’s most popular and often overlooked/not so well-known places.

In the San Francisco Edition, we cover places from Golden Gate Park to Land’s End, and beyond. Today, we wander off to the:

Painted Ladies

Classic, charismatic, and colorful. That is the best way to describe the houses you see built in San Francisco. Classic because the houses were built in the Victorian and Edwardian styles. Charismatic because of the houses undeniable character. And colorful because that is what made these houses so famous in mainstream media. And one of the most famous? Located at Steiner St. across from Alamo Square are the “Painted Ladies” – a row of houses you may have see in a postcard of San Francisco, or more famously, on your favorite TV show or movie. Can you guess which one?

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