Bodypo by California Surfcraft


Is it summer time yet? If so, you know that means. Beach-bumming summer daze. Hitting the water is a must and whether you’re swimming or surfing, one thing is for certain: its gonna be fun. You know what else is fun? Bodysurfing. And the good folks at California Surfcraft, a San Francisco start-up building next-gen surf gear out of sustainable materials, have made the Bodypo®.

About Bodypo

Hailed as “the first sustainable bodyboard ever in the history of the sport” by Surfer Today, the Bodypo also represents a new approach to sustainable surf design. Constructed out of 100% natural, rapidly-renewable cork and Super Sap bio-epoxy, the Bodypo is an environmentally-conscious, high-performance alternative to the traditional foam bodyboard.

Saving the environment while playing in it? Now, that’s awesome.


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