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PALO ALTO: Stories
by James Franco
Published by Scribner
List Price: $15

James Franco is an actor, writer, director, and author who you may remember from such films like: Pineapple Express, Spider-Man, 127 Days, Milk, and in his breakthrough role in the cult-hit television show Freaks and Geeks. James Franco has had his hand in many aspects of the entertainment industry ranging from acting and directing, to producing and writing. On October 19, 2010, James Franco became an official author when Scribner published a collection of short stories in a book called Palo Alto: Stories by James Franco – named after the city where he was born and raised.

The stories inside were inspired by some of his own teenage experiences in Palo Alto, and surprisingly, stories written and submitted by students at Palo Alto High School. Each story is different and told through the eyes of a teenage. You know, that time in your life where things were awkward and exhilarating, innocent and crazy – and at all times hormonal.

Overall, what did you think?

Life in Palo Alto is, in a word, insane. The teenagers in this book spend most of their time drinking, drunk driving, using drugs, engaging in acts of violence, sex pimping, even vehicular manslaughter. My teenage life seems really dull in comparison to what these teenagers do in, above all places, Palo Alto. Really?!?

Which makes this book all the more intriguing to read…

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