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The Walking Dead: Issue #100
by Robert Kirkman
Published by Image Comics
List Price: $2.99

In what has to be the most gripping, most heart-breaking, and most disturbing issues of the entire comic-book series to-date, Robert Kirkman sends a strong message to all the fans of The Walking Dead that nobody can have happiness in this series. In a world filled with zombies and survival, war and pain, any semblance of human decency has ceased to exist. Just when you thought the team was safe and things were on the up-and-up for Rick and the others, Issue #100 rips it all away in the most senseless, maniacal act possible. I’ve got to admit, I’ve grown attached to all of the characters in this series, but I was so perturbed by this issue that it made me disenchanted with both the comic book as well as the show. And this is why: SPOILER ALERT!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!

Overall, what did you think?

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