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Now that Summer has arrived, a vast majority of people will be taking to the great outdoors en masse to enjoy all of the fun activities this hot weather season has to offer. As luck would have it, working out and exercising will be an activity many will be embarking on, too. It is, after all, one of the best feelings in the world. As opposed to being cooped up inside on a workout. Which is ok, but I do love the outdoors. I mean, imagine it: being able to work out while exhalting in the beauty of mother nature, breathing in that fresh air, and the cool wind blowing against your skin as you sweat from an exhausting workout. Oh, it is a glorious thing. That is if you are a guy.

For summer, guys have it easy. All we have to do is put on a sleeveless dry-tee (or no shirt like I prefer), a pair of shorts, workout shoes, and we’re good to go. Women, on the other hand, not as easy. Thats probably because women have way more choices than guys do when it comes to workout gear for summer. And that creates a workout dilemma: “What am I gonna wear today?” Fortunately, the good folks at Brit + Co. have put together a list of ideal workout gear to help women find out what workout wear will work out for women. (You get that?) Its a good list that is quite helpful. So, be sure to check it out at Brit + Co.

[This post is dedicated to HK who put me on to Brit + Co., which she reads a lot, and said she’d also probably read edoPENO as much if there were more posts for women. So, here ya go!]

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