Check Please, Bay Area | Discovering New Places to Eat

What do you get when you bring epicureans (better known as foodies) together to talk about and critique their favorite restaurant? You get Check Please! Bay Area. Its like if you took a Yelp! review and made it into a live action show. Except this time, the reviews are interactive and engaging.

Hosted by Leslie Sbrocco, Check Please! Bay Area brings 3 strangers together, has each of them recommend their favorite restaurant for the others to dine at, then brings them back together so they can talk about their dining experiences. It’s when they talk about their experiences that the show gets interesting. There’s a lot of discussion, criticism and praise, and a lot of wine drinking. Talk about good times. I also enjoy learning about and discovering new restaurants that the guests recommend because it gives me new ideas on where to dine. Best of all, it’s all local Bay Area, baby!

[via SFist]

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