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Our latest SPOTLIGHT SERIES features San Jose native, Oscar Alcala, creator of Credo Immortals. In our feature we reveal a bit about the man behind the brand, his inspiration and motivation, and an unveiling of the Fall 2014 Collection. Let’s go:

Where are you From?

I am from San Jose, CA. Born and raised.

What’s the story behind the name Credo Immortals?

Credo translates into “I Believe” from Latin. The term credo has been used by many other companies as the rules and morals they believe in to better service their customers and their success. I am a mind over matter type of person. I know that if I believe I can do whatever is put in my way, I will succeed. I hope to reach the interest of all other go-getters with what we do and our quality. Immortals is our pursuit to become someone or to create something that will forever be remembered. We want to immortalize our story, our lifestyle with those who support the movement. Immortality Welcomes You.

What was the motivation for starting Credo Immortals?

By accident during my last year of high school I took a multimedia class by accident thinking it was going to consist of video editing since its always been an interest of mine. Instead the class consisted of graphic designing. I’ve always loved street wear, so when my teacher started to praise my work and creativity it immediately sparked me to give it a try.

What inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration when creating?

Music, astronomy, nature, and the term I base the judgement for everything Credo Immortals releases. “If you look good, you feel good.”

Confidence is key, so with Credo Immortals we try to be that first piece of clothing that our customers think of when prepping for a big day.

What inspired the Fall 2014 collection?

Santa Cruz and the woods inspired this collection. The iconic Santa Cruz Red Dot Tees have been a staple for that city for as long as I can remember. The way the Santa Cruz logo has immortalized itself is such an inspiration. You can see the resemblance, but with the Credo Immortals twist. The woods inspired the olive colored shirt as I feel as the use of the olive color falls perfectly for this season’s style. Our Immortals Flannel has been in the works for over half a year. I have been slowly introducing myself to the Cut-N-Sew industry and this came out perfect. Clearly the best flannel released.

What events can we expect you at? Where can we find you online?

Expect to see some of your favorite entertainers wearing Credo Immortals. We are currently working on having our clothes available at some local boutiques. We are just about to wrap up our products that will be released throughout 2015 as we are trying to not only catch up to those on top, but to innovate street wear in the future. You can find us online at to purchase all your Credo Immortals gear. We are always releasing wallpapers for your smartphones and desktops.

Who’s your favorite sports team?

I am a soccer addict, so of course I have to support Real Madrid. 49ers and the Sharks come right after.

Credo Immortals

Website: Credo Immortals
Instagram: @credoimmortals

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