Jack Conte of PATREON and an epic Daft Punk remix


Jack Conte is co-founder of the start-up company Patreon, a site that supports artists and content creators by letting fans fund each piece of created content. Recently, Jack Conte was interviewed by Forbes to talk about Patreon, the idea behind it, and explains how both content artists and patrons can benefit. As the article states, “The Internet is flush with what Conte calls “demi-celebrities”: musicians, bloggers and others who have thousands of followers, but no way to monetize their work enough to sustain a career.” Which is true. Its really difficult to become any sort of big celebrity nowadays, let alone make enough money to make the big leap to making your artistic work solely your career. Patreon is a good first step to making that leap.

Case-in-point: Jack Conte himself. He is a musician and video producer that also uses his site to bring his art to the people. If the people like it, they show their appreciation by making a contribution to the project Jack Conte creates. And he’s been getting it in spades. Well, monetary support to be exact. One of his project that’s making it happen: a mind-boggling video that he produced himself doing a remix to Doin’ It Right by Daft Punk. Check it out:

Overall, Jack Conte and fellow co-founder Samuel Yam may have really caught on to something. Gaining a fanbase that supports you in the long-run, I feel, is and should be an organic process – where both the content creator and patron form a symbiotic bond. I believe that Patreon is an ideal platform for making that bond. A platform for the people by the people. For more information on PATREON, go here.

[Source: Forbes]

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