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Making its way to Kickstarter and soon to be released to the World is an exceptional collection of accessories that are as edgy as the designer himself. D’Clic is an industrial urban accessories brand 100% designed by African French Architect/Designer, Martial Yapo – where originality, style, functionality and edge are all embodying characteristics of his design aesthetic. But to understand D’Clic we must first understand the man behind the brand.

I still remember the first time I met Martial Yapo. It was at the THREAD SHOW in San Francisco. Since I’m always on the lookout for new styles, trends and fashions that walk the Bay Area streets; I tend to go out of my way to ask people if I may take their picture, especially if their look really impresses me. Martial Yapo‘s look impressed me, immediately catching my attention with his unique style and palpable presence. We spoke briefly, of his move from France to San Francisco to pursue the American dream, and his endeavors into make his mark into the fashion World – which brings us back to D’Clic.

D’Clic captures the essence of Martial Yapo and is translated onto the belts, the bag, and the backpack – the accessories he has designed. D’Clic accessories are designed to be durable with an easy one-click buckle mechanism. The fashion is functional with an edgy appearance and style that will definitely turn heads. Just like Martial Yapo.


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[images via D’Clic by Yapo]

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