Dillon Montara Menswear | Made in San Francisco

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Dillon Montara is an emerging menswear line made and manufactured in the Mission District of San Francisco. As the origin story goes, Dillon Montara is named after two beautiful Northern California beaches, Dillon Beach in Marin County and Montara Beach close to Half Moon Bay, which serves as inspiration for the Dillon Montara collection. All the denim, jackets and shirts are meticulously made by hand utilizing heavy, durable fabrics from Japan and the US.

Now, when it comes to menswear, I’ve been notorious in my pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans in that I’m really picky. If you have to lay down some hard earned cash for jeans, those jeans have to look good. Fit good. Work with you. Grow with you. Know you. Judging by testimonials from others, and with the great care they take to make their warez and attention to detail on craftsmanship, Dillon Montara looks like they have a good grasp of what the every man wants to wear in jeans and in menswear. And that’s comforting.


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