DJ TechTools | Custom VCI-100SE Arcade

Back in the day, when I was young, I used to be a DJ. But somedays, I wish that I could DJ again.” Looking back, DJ’ing required work. A lot of work. Work that consists of staying on top of popular music, knowing what the people liked to listen to, carrying crate on crates of music to the gig, an expensive set-up – all added up to a lot of work and upkeep.

As we enter the age of digital media, the burden of the physical nature of DJ’ing became compartmentalized and it seemed like the Art of Turntablism would be lifted to another level. Like all things Hip Hop, the game has evolved.

As crates of records evolved into digital mp3’s, turntables and mixers began to forge alliances with computers to form: one ultimate (albeit mobile) DJ system. Thanks to the good people of DJ TechTools, the next evolutionary step in DJ’ing comes in the form of some GDLK mixer controllers complete with arcade buttons. Yes, I said ARCADE buttons. Check out the Custom VCI-100SE Arcade:

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DJ TechTools is the worlds leading web community dedicated to digital DJing. Our team of DJs strive to enable creativity through education and development of amazing DJ technology and is based in San Francisco, CA

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