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Camera straps and/or slings are a very interesting accessory because when it comes to options for camera straps and/or slings, you’re not left with a lot of choices. You are either (a) begrudgingly satisfied with the strap and/or sling that came provided to you by the manufacturer whose camera you just bought, or (b) on the lookout for other options that are either too expensive or non-existent. DSPTCH, the San Francisco-based design and manufacturing company that strives to create exceptional accessories for everyone, is looking to change all of that by designing straps and/or slings that are actually stylish.

The Details

The Standard Camera Sling Strap is made with 1″ mil spec webbing and plastic hardware manufactured in the US. Adjustable up to 48″ long, the strap is designed to be lightweight yet durable and strong. Each strap comes with both Round and Flat Cord Connectors (1 set of each type) for universal mounting which can be easily swapped with Wrist Straps. Lifetime Guarantee.



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