Edopeno pays tribute to the man… David Beckham

David Beckham Goodbye


David Beckham has retired from soccer, better known as football outside of America.  Bringing an end to a glittering career on the field.  Beckham is of course a figure who divides opinion. Hated by many for his interests in fashion and celebrity lifestyle, I suspect that many of the haters are in fact simply jealous in reality.

There is of course much to be jealous of.  Having had a successful career which took him all over the world, being married to a former pop star, with four children and a fortune of hundreds of millions between him and wife Victoria. David Beckham is the embodiment of the phrase “Living the Dream”.

Beckham was never the most talented of players.  He made his career from hard work and determination to become arguably the best dead ball specialist and passer of a ball the world has ever seen in the game of soccer.

From his wacky haircuts to his classic goals, from Europe to America and around the world.  He even made several stops in the bay area when his LA Galaxy played the San Jose Earthquakes.  David has provided many golden moments for his fans on and off the pitch.

Here at Edopeno, we take a look back with a tribute to a great man through videos and pictures…



David Beckham over the years was a star on the pitch…






…but David was an even bigger star off the field!




So what’s next for David?  With his handsome model looks and physique he is an advertiser’s dream.  Will he stay in this field for the foreseeable future or will he miss the sport he loves so much that he decides to stay in a football related role?  He has stated that he does not want to get involved in the media or become a coach or manager.  Only one can wonder though when August comes around and soccer season starts again might David Robert Joseph Beckham have a change of heart?  One thing is certain, he leaves the beautiful game with his legacy intact.

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