edoPENO | RED HOT Summer Tank Tops Lookbook


Its summertime in the Bay Area and what better way to beat the heat than in our very own red hot edoPENO tank top! I just wanted to take this opportunity (and while I’m not keeled over from the intensity of the heat) to thank each and everyone one of you for rockin’ out in our tank tops and supporting what we do on the site. We’ve gotten a great response from a lot of people and are even thinking about doing a re-dux. In the meantime, I just wanted to dedicate this post to each and every one of you that has sent us pictures to show us your love and support. This post is for YOU! And for everyone else that has gotten our tank tops, please send us your pix. We’d love to see how you look like in our tanks!

Our very own @elaranjr looking good for the Summer in our #edopeno tanks!

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