Elon Musk Dreams of Trips from the Bay to LA in 30 minutes


Elon Musk, co-founder of Paypal and Founder of Tesla, must be crazy. He recently unveiled an epic idea for a new California transportation system that would get you from the Bay to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. If my calculations are correct, that means that we’d be able to travel faster than an airplane. An airplane! That is hella fast. The future of transportation that Elon Musk envisioned is called Hyperloop – a “safer, faster, lower cost, more convenient, immune to weather, sustainably self-powering, resistant to Earthquakes, and not disruptive to those along the route” system to get us from here-to-there in no time. But alas, this epic idea is still just that. An idea. And we may never see it come to light. Which is shame. This looks very promising.


You’d think Elon Musk would be excited to take on a project as crazy as this. And normally, the crazy ones are normally the ones who can take on a project of this scale and actually make it stand on its legs, but alas, Elon Musk is just too busy. I really hope this idea takes flight because the original CA transportation system proposal we already have on the plate doesn’t look too appetizing. One can only hope. At least we have some 3-D printed models to hold us over.

To learn more about Hyperloop, make your way to Elon Musk’s blog on Tesla. And if you more in-depth look, go here.

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