Extra Proper | Brown Card Case Wallet (Sample Only)


Extra Proper and Oakland Leather Works need to make this Sample Card Case {as seen on Instagram) a reality because I really need a slim wallet to replace the bulky wallet I have now. Why? Because I need less bulge in my pants. Now, I know some bulges in pants can be a good thing, but when that bulge comes from a bulky wallet and that wallet is put into some really form-fitting jeans, then what you’d get is a really strange combination. That’s where I think this Brown Card Case Wallet would be useful – clean lines w/ less bulk. And I’m all for less bulge and clean lines when I put on my pants. Who wants all that extra bulge in the pockets anyway? The heavy-duty stuff should be carried in our bags anyways! On the surface, this locally made and well-designed wallet should be able to take on the task of carrying all of the wallet essentials (e.g money, ID, plastic cards, etc..) while maintaining a look that is both stylish and streamline. Still, Extra Proper and Oakland Leather Works has teased us with only a sample, so until this Brown Card Case Wallet becomes a reality, I’ll be waiting with bated breath…(*sigh)

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