Extra Proper | Harvey Camper Floral Print Headwear


Floral prints are killin’ the street wear game right now and its probably because they are just so pleasing to the eye. Floral prints tend to evoke a physical, tangible feeling of what summer is: sunny weather, carefree vibes, and good people. That goos feeling you get knowing that summer is officially upon us. The good folks at Extra Proper are bringing you those good summer feelings through Summer Release II featuring Harvey Camper headwear in various floral prints: Big Island Black, Big Island Blue, and Big Island Pink. The one-size-fits-all hats are 5-Panel constructions, with UltraSuede Labels, a leather adjustable strap w/ clasp, and an eye-catching appeal that will emanate good vibes all summer.


[img via Extra Proper IG]

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