Facebook finds a new ‘Home’ on Android

Facebook Home is more than just an app or operating system for your phone. Its a whole new way to social network. Facebook saw that, as more and more people turned to mobile to access everything in their lives, they too needed to find a way to integrate themselves seamlessly into mobile. And ‘Home‘ does just that, finding its new home on Android.


There are a bunch of interesting features in ‘Home‘ which include: seeing a stream of posts from your News Feed, Cover feed puts the spotlight on whatever friends are sharing, send and receive texts and Facebook messages in one place, and even the Profile pictures make your group chats and one-on-one time more personal.



The HTC First will be the first to debut ‘Home‘ out-the-box. Just turn it on, log into Facebook, and you’re set. The phone is available in matte black, white, red and pale blue with a 4.3″ screen, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and LTE capability. Exclusively on AT&T. All for ($99). And if you already own an Android phone, downloads of Home will be available. So When can we go Home? Facebook Home and the HTC First will be available April 12 in the US.

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