Facebook Paper | Curated News, Designed for Better Reading


Infinite scrolling on social networks can be an evil thing, but not if its content that you are actually interested in. From the Creative Labs at Facebook is Paper – its like a newspaper app re-designed for the modern age that’ll display and help you discover the content and stories you want to read. You can customize Paper by choosing specific sections and themes about various topics. From Facebook: “Each section includes a rich mix of content from emerging voices and well-known publications.” More notable features include:

  • Everything responds to your touch so you can pick up or thumb through stories with simple, natural movements
  • You can tilt your phone to explore high-resolution panoramic photos from corner to corner, and see faces and other important details up close
  • Fullscreen autoplay videos come to life and bring you deep into the action
  • Beautifully detailed covers make it easy to spot articles from trusted publishers and decide what to read or watch.· Articles unfold in the app and appear fullscreen for a focused reading experience
  • When you’re ready to tell your own story, you know exactly what your post or photo will look like because you see a live preview before you share it

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