Facebook Rethinks the News Feed

Facebook revealed the latest News Feed feature that will soon be implemented into the World’s most popular social network. The new change primarily consists of a new way of how we view things on Facebook, and this entails an updated News Feed that is visibly more appealing than ever before. Images and videos are larger, and bookmarks are now more relevant. Facebook has been known to make changes despite the massive resistance of its users, but making new changes ensures that Facebook remains fresh and relevant. If you ask me, this change makes Facebook look more and more like a blogsite than a social network. Maybe that’s the whole point, especially with recent news surfacing that Facebook acquired blogging site Storylane. And that’s ok with me just as long as Facebook provides an easy way for those that blog outside of Facebook to auto-feed posts to Facebook. Having said that, I have to ask: What do you think of the new News Feed?


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