Fitbit Force | A wristband to be reckoned with


Thanks to the Fitbit Force, you now have one more tool to aid you in the fight to become fit. The Force is an electronic wristband that tracks and measures all your fitness information and records that information to, what is essentially, an online journal to monitor your progress. This tracking and monitoring occurs on a daily basis, soloing as you’re wearing Force, and the types of information being recorded include: —distance traveled, calories burned, “active minutes” and hours slept. There is even a jostling alarm clock to help wake you up. It’s your life. Tracked and digitized.

But why on Earth would you want to track all that fitness information? So, you can reach your fitness goals, of course. The Force records your data and makes it available for online viewing anywhere – on computer and smartphone – so you can stay motivated to reach your goals. It’s a known fact that the more you see improvement in your endeavors, the more likely you’ll continue to stay motivated to reach your goals. In that sense, the Force is one to be reckoned with. Street price: ($139)


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