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I was once told that the best camera around is the one that you have with you. And if you’re like most people, the camera you always carry around is your smartphone. Nowadays, your smartphone is capable of taking fantastic photos and videos. If you’ve got unsteady hands, though, instead of capturing great videos – you’ll be capturing vomit-inducing movies. Nobody wants to see that.

FlowMotion is a Palo Alto-based tech company that is looking to help you with that with the FlowMotion One – a gimbal that eliminates camera shake and enables you to capture smooth videos from your smartphone. Features include:


About FlowMotion

FlowMotion was founded by Lars Flesland, Julie Bauge, Eirik Dyrseth and Didrik Dimmen in 2015. The four outdoor enthusiast discovered the need for a stabilizing video while shooting their own adventures. The FlowMotion team, now consists of 10 people, is a group of adventurers, travelers, runners, tech geeks and action sports professionals who share the passion for videography and tech. They started building a solution to their own problem but soon realized that shaky footage is a problem ranging far beyond the action-sports segment. FlowMotion ONE was developed for action sport, but made for everyone.

With offices in Palo Alto and Trondheim, Norway, FlowMotion produces video stabilizing products that marry software and hardware solutions to empower users to be the best cinematographers they can be. FlowMotion’s mission is to help people tell better stories. They do that by providing people with easy-to-use tools which enable them to capture smooth cinematic videos.

FlowMotion has won awards from Norway, Finland, Germany and the United States. Including being awarded as Norway’s Most Promising Startup and winning Venture Cup Norway, the nation’s largest business plan competition.The pitching competitions Polar Bear Pitching in Finland and Live Sharks Tank® in San Francisco. It was also awarded one of the top 50 new products within the sports industry at ISPO in Germany, the world’s largest sports and outdoors expo. As of January 2, 2017, FlowMotion has raised $370.000 in funding

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