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One cup at a time.” That is the philosophy behind Philz Coffee, the not so average coffee shop that makes a cup of coffee differently from all the others. Philz Coffee offers a custom blend of the highest quality coffee from around the world and as you walk in, you can’t help but take in the rich aroma of coffee. Baristas greet you with an energetic welcome and adorning the walls are names etched in chalk of coffee blends that are difficult to understand if its your first time there. Which for me and K, it was. Luckily, there are short descriptions beside the names to help you figure out what you’d like to order. My choice: the Philtered Soul. The description on the board looked delicious and when I finally got my first cup of Philz Coffee and took a sip, it was like drinking a cup of coffee straight from heaven. Did I just hear the angels sing?

There are a lot of other coffee shops out there that serve a decent cup of joe, but none of them can serve a cup quite like Philz Coffee. My only gripe I have is why it took me and K so long to discover them! You can find a Philz Coffee at a location near you, anywhere in the Bay Area.

[image via edoPENO]

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