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a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de Froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes). The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled”.

The crêpe is of French origin and is a delicacy that can best be described as a mouth-watering pocket filled with delectable goodness. The idea of the crepe is simple: a real thin pancake rolled up with any combination of your favorite fillings. I still remember the first crepe I sank my teeth into: filled with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, and nutella. It was so warm in my hands. So sweet and so delicious. It was love at first bite.

Recently, K and I experienced the crepe in its more bolder form, as a dinner plate. I felt a little awkward about eating crepes for dinner at first because I always associated crepes with dessert. But I became a believer. Dinner crepes are absolutely delicious.


Now, finding a place that serves this delectable food can be tough, and I swear I had the sudden urge to have a crepe when all of a sudden “Voila!” Crepevine magically appeared. Crepevine is one of only a few restaurants in the Bay Area specializing in the largest selection of sumptuous crepes this side of Silicon Valley. Actually, my first crepe experience was a late night rendezvous to Crepevine’s San Francisco location. So I was elated when one popped up in Mountain View (I live in Sunnyvale). As you walk in, you’ll notice a very welcoming outdoor dining area and as you walk in, a standout menu that is as inviting as the food itself.

Crepevine serves breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner and the food ranges from delicious desserts to savory meals complete with a side of salad and potatoes. Crepes aren’t the only dishes you can enjoy. French toast, sandwiches, coffee, and tea, and much more, are also served. Prices are moderate and portions will fill you up without leaving you too stuffed. Crepevine is located on the corner Dana and Castro St. In Mountain View. For more locations around you, make your way here.

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