Foodie Files | Xanh (pronounced ‘sun’)

Good food… Good drinks… Good people… Good times!

That’s what comes to mind when I go to Xanh (pronounced ‘sun’) Restaurant. It embodies the new breed of upscale, stylish Vietnamese restaurants popping up around the bay area. It’s a synergy of East meets West where you get the traditional Vietnamese dishes in a hip modern dining room. In addition, there’s a lively bar scene with cool beats playing. I personally opt for the happy hour, especially since they recently expanded their menu!! I can go on about the popcorn chicken or the tuna tartar or the papaya salad or even the garlic noodles. As well as the variety of drinks to be had. Whether it be a pitcher of sangria, or the wide variety of mixed drinks and beers on tap. They are spot on. But most of all, the service is top notch. From the bartender to the servers to the hostesses. I’ve never had a bad experience at Xanh. And that’s the truth…

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