Foodie Review: Specialty’s The Big BLT



BLT has to be one of my favorite sandwiches of all-time. The fresh lettuce and tomatoes combined with the crunchiness of the bacon all in two slices of bread has to be one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t always eat a BLT, but when I do the place where I get it from has to make it perfect. So, far not a lot of places that I know of make a good BLT. They make decent BLT’s but not a good one for me to keep on coming back for more. One of the things that make a BLT special is the BACON!!! Depending on the place that is preparing the bacon is the most important key to making a good BLT in my opinion. To me a good BLT has to have that crunchiness to that sandwich. If it doesn’t then you’re not eating a BLT.


The place that I know that makes a good BLT is Specialty’s. It’s called the Big BLT. A friend of mine told me that their BLT was good and worth a try. I ended up going with my friend’s recommendation. As I got my sandwich I realized how fancy they packaged their sandwiches which wasn’t bad. But all I cared about was the BLT. When I opened and unwrapped to see the BLT sandwich my mouth was salivating. I couldn’t wait to take that first bite of this creation. I took that first bite and it had this crunchiness of the bacon and it was like heaven for that moment. But as I kept on taking bite after bite I noticed that there wasn’t that much of a flavor to this sandwich. I felt that this sandwich was missing something else, like a sauce to complement the flavors of the BLT. The sandwich had the crunchiness, the freshness of the lettuce and tomatoes, and soft bread. It was just missing that kick of flavor to complement the rest of this sandwich.


I honestly liked the Big BLT sandwich that Specialty’s makes. This is a BLT sandwich I can go back to get more of. You can taste the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomatoes, but it feels like there is something else missing with it. This is worth a bite if you love BACON!!

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