Foodie Review: The McRib Sandwich


McDonalds re-releases the McRib once again. When I first heard the McRib was back again for another limited time, I was interested trying it again. The last time I remembered eating a McRib from McDonalds was when I was still a teenager. I remembered the BBQ taste and smell of the McRib when I had it the last time.

So, I decided to try the McRib  and see– if McDonald’s still makes it the same way they did in the past. What I saw and remembered were completely the opposite. In the past the McRib sandwich was covered up in BBQ sauce and every bite was pretty tasty. What I got instead was a bun, pickles, onions, and a piece of cardboard that was supposed to resemble the meat—it had barely any BBQ sauce on it. Still looks can be deceiving, until I took that first bite. I was completely underwhelmed. I took another bite and still no taste to this piece of cardboard what was supposed to be a McRib sandwich. It got to a point where I had to add Tapatio hot sauce to brighten the flavor of this bland sandwich. At the end it’s sad to say that McDonalds will never make the McRib sandwich the way they use to make it. I had to make sure though…..

So, I gave the McRib a second chance. I thought to myself maybe the person who prepared the McRib at the McDonalds did not know how to make it right. I went to another McDonalds and tried it again. It was completely the opposite from what I had a couple of days before. This McRib had the tangy sauce it was supposed to have and I must say it was not bad at all. I realized where ever you buy the McRib it’s obviously going to be made differently. I would say if you haven’t tried the McRib it’s worth a try. In my book I’ll give it another try down the road. Be warned though; if you do try it don’t have any high expectations….


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