Good Eats at Tony’s of North Beach


Who doesn’t like a good pizza pie? Certainly not I. And Tony’s of North Beach in Rohnert Park offers some of the most savory, mouthwatering pizzas around. Italian and American pizza styles include Neapolitan, Classic Italian, Classic American, Sicilian, Roman, and (how awesome is this?!) a Gluten Free pizza. “Tony” Gemignani also makes the award-winning Sicilian-style Burratina Di Margherit and Napoletana-style Margherita. The menu is so mouthwatering, that I may just end this post early to go eat some ‘za! But I think its worth mentioning that if you want to delve deeper into the savory dishes that Italian food has to offer, then you’ve also gotta try the other dishes offered. One of my favorites? The meatballs, baby! Now that’s a good meatball!” You’ve gotta love it!

Tony’s of North Beach is located at the Graton Rancheria Casino, 630 Park Court, Rohnert Park, California 94928

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