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In Downtown Campbell and maybe not so coincidentally nestled right next to the train tracks at the end of Campbell Ave. is Blue Line Pizza – an amazing restaurant that serves a generous portion of oh-so-delicious pizza, refreshing libations, and exceptional customer service. And did we mention the tasty pizzas? I’ll fill you in on that a bit later, but first I wanted to share with you a little about my experience leading up to the delectable food event…

It was a Friday night. Dinnertime. My wife and I had just gotten off from work. The restaurant wasn’t too hard to find, but finding parking was a little tough. We hadn’t made any reservations and the place was packed. Amidst a sea of people, I could make out an industrial yet well-decorated restaurant. Complete with ambient lighting in the dining area and a well-stocked bar with televisions to catch the game. The two are joined together, or rather, separated simply by a stand-up waiting area that doubles as a bar-stand.

We were waiting for KJB, who was the one that recommended this place to us because they had some really good pizza. And pizza is my favorite. He hadn’t arrived yet. So, I made my way to the vintage counter and had the hostess put our names down on the waitlist. The hostess was very friendly. She looked a bit stressed, but it was probably because it was dinnertime. She was still very pleasant and cool-headed despite the beautiful chaos ensuing. And unlike the other restaurants I’ve been to, we had the option to pre-place our order prior to being seated. I was very impressed. But then I was also told that our wait time would be…30 minutes. Not too bad, but not ideal either. I was hungry. Luckily, as I was just about to complain to my wife about the wait time, KJB comes in and the 3 of us quickly made our way to the bar to begin our night. (*Note to self: make reservations next time) After a couple of drinks, our table was ready. It could’ve been the drinks that made time go by so fast, but either way, our table was ready.

We were seated right next to the window and our server was quick to help us. On top of the pizzas we had originally ordered, we decided to go with an appetizer as well – the house-made Spicy Meatball. It tasted just like the meatballs I had in Italy: succulent, savory, and the tomato sauce was just so tasty. And then, the pizza came…

Two perfect pizza pies sent down from heaven. Ready for us to eat. On one side of the table – one White Pie for the vegetarian in me. And on the other – the Italian Combo for the meat-lover in me. Both in the smaller sizes (because there was only 3 of us) and both thin crust. I took a bite into the White Pie first. Then another. And then another. It was light yet very flavorful. Then, I grabbed a slice of the Italian Combo. This was a meaty delight with bold flavors coming from the salami, the pepperoni, and the olives. Each pizza was so different from the other. A stark contrast, but with each alternating slice I gobbled up, it tasted like I was biting into each slice for the first time. Every time.

Before I knew it, the pizza was all gone. And the 3 of us were thoroughly stuffed with delight.

Overall, Blue Line Pizza is a really great place for, in my case, thin crust pizza in Campbell. The staff is quick and friendly (considering that it was a busy Friday night), the prices were reasonable, and most importantly, the food was delicious. So delicious that you’ll probably find me back here again soon getting another fix of that delicious White Pie. Buon Appetito!

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