Gott’s Roadside | Lip-Smackin’ Burgers


Nestled inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco just off the Embarcadero and within eyeshot of the Bay Bridge is Gott’s Roadside, a good ol’ fashioned All-American burger joint offering up some of the most lip-smackin’ burgers in all of San Francisco. Gott’s claim to fame is that they offer good brugers, fresh ingredients and an ever-changing menu for burgers you’ll want to come back for. So how was my first experience?

My first bite (or should I say, my first “orgasmic” experience) into a Gott’s burger was a bite into the Western Bacon Blue Ring – an All-Western style burger with a succulent burger patty, a crispy onion ring, blue cheese, delicious buns, and all types of goodness insid with a side of even more onion rings and sweet potato fries. Prices for burgers are at a premium, so I suggest you enjoy every bite. Overall, The best Americana meal around.


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