Great Scott! Its REAL! HENDO Hoverboards


Let me set the scene for you: The movie is Back to the Future II and the year is 2015. Marty McFly is trying to get away from future Biff junior and his game. Marty is slow and can’t get away by foot, so he begs a kid he sees on the street to borrow his skateboard. The kid agrees and reveals his skateboard, but it has no wheels. In fact, its hovering above the ground. What the heck is this? Its a hoverboard! Can you imagine? Being able to travel on a board hovering above the ground? From the moment I saw Marty coasting away from the bad guys, I just had to get my hands on a hoverboard.

The only problem was, the fabled hoverboard only existed in movies. Just a twinkle in our reality. But one company looking to change all that is Hendo, who have turned to Kickstarter to make all of our hoverboard dreams a reality. Check it out:

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