Gunnar Optiks | Protecting your Eyes in the Digital Age


Living in the age of technology, we spend many hours a day (think 10-20 hours) staring at bright, digital screens. This constant glaring at computer screens could result in excessive eye strain and/or excessive dry eyes due to less blinking. Day after day, year after year, this constant strain on your eyes may lead to a lot of wear-and-tear on your eyes and as a result of this – could lead to more serious issues like vision impairment and/or blindness. So, what can we do to protect our eyes from the decay? Enter Gunnar Optiks:

With their line of stylish “Digital Performance Eyewear, Gunnar Optiks offers eyewear that pre-focuses the light making it ideal for near-distance viewing of computer screens and other digital devices. Boasting high-grade machining and coatings, Gunnar Optiks promise a reduction in eye fatigue and improved vision. The process, known as i-AMP, covers tinting, the lens material itself, the coatings and the geometry to which each lens is shaped. In an Age of Technology, computer-savvy users and avante musicians could benefit immensely from the Gunnar Optiks product.

Now, I think its time to grab me a pair before I go blind!


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