Gustin | Premium Menswear Made in San Francisco

From spending top dollar on premium styles to foraging through thrift shops in hopes of finding a pair, my never-ending search for the best-fitting jeans has led me in many directions. Maybe its because I ask for too much. My ideal pair of jeans has to sit perfectly on my hips and the length can’t go past the ball of my ankles. Not only that, I like my jeans to be tighter in the thigh, relaxed at the calves and narrow at the cuff – giving just enough leeway to show off the sneakers that I’m wearing with my jeans. If I’m wearing dress shoes, I prefer a bootcut for a more refined look. My pickiness may very well be the bane of my “can’t find a perfect pair of jeans” existence. But deep down, I know I will eventually find that perfect pair.

In my ongoing quest for jeans, I discovered a new company called Gustin – designers of premium menswear that is crowdsourced and made in San Francisco, who have a particular aesthetic on jeans that are aligned with my own. Namely, a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. But what sets Gustin apart from all the other companies I have ever purchased jeans from is their approach at jeans. For one, all the jeans are made in San Francisco: you know how I feel about things made in the Bay Area. Next, crowdsourcing: Gustin designs the jeans, while customers decide on what will be produced. This is done by goals – if a certain design of jean reaches its funding goal, the jean will get produced. And lastly, the cost: you get premium denim jeans at a wholesale price. Premium jeans at a better price? I’m all in!

At the end of the day, Gustin reminds us what is at the heart of their work, and that is “a pair of jeans that lasted and fit like they were designed and stitched just for us.” I like the sound of that.


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