Halloway | Broadway Oxford S/S Buttondown


The Broadway Oxfard S/S Buttondown is the first article of men’s clothing released and introduced by Halloway for their new cut and sew line. You just gotta love the attention to details on the Broadway Oxfard: this form-fitting buttondown is constructed from a light oxford and includes paisley accents on the inner collar and inner placket. Design details include white buttons and the Halloway Feather logo embroidered in white on the left chest pocket. For more, be sure to check out Halloway.


About Halloway

Halloway Company, a flock of truth seekers exploring different aspects of everyday life. From the 8-5 grind of man, to the sleepless nights of the street hustle. HW is here to share our experience of life with our peers and the next generation of American truth seekers. Influence is one of the greatest powers given to man; it has and will continue to be used to gain the respect of the people. We are born leaders; we are born as kings of these concrete streets, we are HALLOWAY.

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