Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka

Vodka made of fog? What would that even taste like? Perhaps as crisp as the morning fog rolling over the hills off 280? Or, perhaps like the fog flowing through the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter how it may taste, Alameda-based distillery Hangar 1 aims to capture the essence of fog to create a uniquely Bay Area inspired libation called Fog Point. There are also other signature vodkas from Hangar 1 that comes in various flavors to suite various palates. And you should definitely check them out. But the one I’m most interested in at this moment is that Fog Point. Now, the only question I have left is: may someone please pour me a glass?!

Thank you to Caley Shoemaker, Chief distiller at Hangar 1 Vodka, and company for bringing made-in-California vodka to us All!

For the 21 and up only PLEASE! Vodka responsibly!

[story via Fast Company]

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