Haptix Makes ANY Surface Multitouch Like Magic*

The Haptix is a sleek electronic device that transforms any surface into a multitouch interface. The *magic happens when you place and/or clip Haptix in a position that will hover over any flat surface (like a table, window, or screen). Once the Haptix is engaged (turned on), the sensors inside enable multitouch functionality. Like most multitouch devices, you can then control your computer/device simply by tapping, pinching to zoom, swipe to scroll – on the surface that Haptix is hovering over.

Multitouch has been available to us on our mini-gadgets for quite some time now (like the iPhone/Droid), but I have yet to see the technology integrated as a whole on laptop/desktop computers. Sure, you can always buy a new multitouch computer, but with Haptix the upgrade and transition to multitouch for your existing computer is just too good to pass up on.



[*Editor’s Note: No real magic was involved during the creation of Haptix. Just good ol’ fashioned technology science. So, there you go.]

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