HBO’s Silicon Valley | S1/Ep. 2 “The Cap Table” Recap


Good artists copy. Great artists steal. (1)”. SPOILER ALERT!!! And that’s exactly what’s happening to Richard, Erlich, and the rest of the Pied Piper posse as tech-giant hooli takes apart the “compression algorithm.” Here’s a recap of Episode 2 of the HBO original series – Silicon Valley:


The Valley sure does move fast. Richard denies an offer of $10 M from hooli CEO Gavin Belson and instead, takes up an offer of $200,000 in exchange for 5% stake of Pied Piper from Billionaire Peter Gregory. That can only mean one thing: an epic launch party at Erlich’s home in Palo Alto. A guest arrives to the undisclosed launch party and guess who it is? Gavin Belson’s business-savant/henchman, Jared. Is Jared there to do a little recon for hooli? That’s what Erlich thought and promptly kicks his intellectual keester out the door. But not without Jared first explaining how he thought Richard made a bold move for not accepting the hooli money. Then, enter stripper Mochachino, who is ready and willing to offer up her services to all the guys, but as Dinesh so eloquently puts it, ” I don’t want t have a boner with a bunch of guys I live with… It’s just too awkward.” And that’s the epic party in a nutshell. Or, lack of a nut…shell.

The next day, Richard and Erlich meet up with Gavin Belson, their investor, and the lovely Monica to discuss Pied Piper’s Capitalization Table – essentially a breakdown of the founders and who gets a percentage of what in the company and a business plan. Which Richard doesn’t have because he thought Gavin would mentor him on how to do the business side of things. To which Gavin says “HA!” With no cap table and business plan in hand, Richard goes to the only person he knows that can help.

Richard hires Jared (who quit hooli and Gavin Belson) and promptly interview the Pied Piper team to determine who are the founders. Dinesh and Gilfoyle go through the ringer talking themselves up big time, but totally bashing on Big Head for not doing any contributive work. When its time to interview Big Head, mind you Richard and he are best friends, it’s determined that maybe Big Head shouldn’t be a co-founder. Big Head then prepares to go off on a bike ride to calm himself down. Thinking Big Head has already gone off on his bike ride, Dinesh and Gilfoyle talk mad sh!t about Big Head, only to backtrack their words because Big Head hadn’t even left yet. It was pretty funny. Erlich tells Richard that in business “You need to be an asshole.” But can Richard really be one?

Worried about his best bud, Richard ends up finding Big Head, thanks to the NipAlert app, with stripper Mochachino. Big Head then reveals that he’s going to head back to his hometown because he had no real friends in Palo Alto and the only thing people care about in the Valley is “watching their bottom line.” Big Head then heads off to hooli to pack his things. So, it looks like this will be the last time we’ll see Big Head. Until..,

…Big Head is called in by hooli’s Gavin Belson, who revenge-hires Big Head (offering a $600,000 salary to boot) to be President of “Spite” for hooli, to teach Richard and Co. that you just don’t deny $10 M from Gavin Belson. We soon learn from Big Head who isn’t supposed to leak this type of info to Richard that hooli broke down the “compression algorithm” code and is re-engineering a legal duplicate and naming it “Nucleus.” Wait a minute can they get away with that? They can. And will.

The episode ends with Richard in a bank ready to deposit Peter Gregory’s investment check for $200,000, but it looks like he can’t. Because Pied Piper is not even an established company yet. Which is a bad thing. With hooli on its heels and wanting to take the Nucleus first-to-market, Richard needs to get his act straight. And fast. Will they react in time?

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