HBO’s Silicon Valley | S1/Ep. 3 “Articles of Incorporation” Recap


Articles of Incorporation:

a legal document that you’ll need so you can set up your corporation in California. Once it’s complete, you can file it with the state to make your new business entity official. The document covers all the major aspects of your corporation: You’ll need to provide a corporate name, purpose of the business, agent for service, and whether the corporation is issuing stock.

In this episode, the club needs to establish one of these before they can do business. Will they succeed? Here’s a 30-second recap of Episode 3 of the HBO original series – Silicon Valley:


SPOILER ALERT!!! Gavin Belson, CEO of hooli, is out in full force promoting its new compression algorithm Nucleus – a clear rip of Pied Piper. As if Richard, Erlich, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and Jared (who’s real name we learn is really Darryl) don’t have enough to worry about already. On the business side of things, Pied Piper is off to a rocky start because of money woes. “Pied Piper is not an established business yet, and since its not an established business yet, Richard cannot deposit the huge check given to him by Peter Gregory. So, before Pied Piper is able to get off the ground, they’ll need to establish a business legally, establish an Article if Incorporation, or else they’ll lose it all. It gets worse. They might not even be able to use the name since the original Pied Piper name has been already registered to a sprinkler company owned by an Arnold in Gilroy. Richard will need to negotiate a deal or figure out a new name.

Meanwhile, we soon find out that (through establishing the Pied Piper business) Gilfoyle is an illegal Canadian citizen, Erlich goes on an epic mushroom journey to find the ideal name to replace “Pied Piper,” Richard is unable to negotiate a deal with the original Pied Piper business name owners, and Peter Gregory is just absolutely fascinated by Burger King.

In the end, Gilfoyle obtains his citizenship in 5 minutes, Erlich returns with a new intern(?), Richard becomes an a-hole to gain the rights to use the Pied Piper name, and we now have an official business. Whew! You get all that?

Check out scenes and the promo from Episode 3:

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