HBO’s Silicon Valley | S1/Ep. 4 “Fiduciary Duties” Recap


In this episode, we find out the real reason why its important to have a vision for your business, why investors spread the risk of one idea over many investments, and learn whether an oral agreement between two drunk people is enforceable. Here’s a 30-second recap of Episode 4 of the HBO original series – Silicon Valley:


SPOILER ALERT!!! Richard meets Peter Gregory’s hipster-type lawyer, Ron LaFlamme, to sign legal paperwork declaring who the board of directors (“board”)will be for Pied Piper. During the meeting, Ron reveals that Peter is funding several other compression start-ups, which obviously stresses Richard out. Now that Richard’s company is becoming more legit, he has to start competing with other companies who are working in the same space. How do you even set yourself apart from the others? That’s why having a vision for your company is important. Problem is, Richard doesn’t even know how to communicate his vision without throwing up all over the place. What’s he gonna do? Especially, since Richard will have to meet with Peter to share his vision. Meanwhile, at hooli headquarters, brogrammers attempt to reverse-engineer Pied Piper‘s compression algorithm to steal and use for its own Nucleus project and turn to Big Head for help. He’s no help. So, he gets unassigned, but not fired from hooli, and ends up gaining kinship with other “unassigned” employees who are waiting to “rest and vest.”

Now, going back to the Pied Piper gang, Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and Erlich go to an epic Silicon Valley toga party thrown by Peter Gregory, where Richard gets smashed and learns the next morning to find that he’s changed the board to include Erlich. Is that even legal? Well, Erlich recorded the conversation on his phone to remind Richard that it was legit. Richard consults Jared, who says the board doesn’t have to change – and so, during the official photoshoot of the Pied Piper crew, Richard a**holicly denies Erlich a position on the board. Fast forward to the time just before the meeting between Peter and Richard and Richard is a nervous wreck. I think he’s about to throw up. Erlich, seeking forgiveness from Richard, shows up and Richard (desperately) invites Erlich to the meeting – who naturally impresses Peter Gregory. And guess who’s back on Pied Piper’s board? And who gets thrown up on?

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