Henge Docks | Thoughtfully Designed Macbook Docks


Simplicity with potential.” This is the design philosophy of San Francisco-based company Henge Docks, a company that manufactures high-end accessories for Apple products. One product that has caught my eye in particular is the vertical dock for Apple’s laptop series, and in my case, the Vertical Dock for Macbook Pro.

You see, I have a cluttered desk. Notebooks on one side, paper & pen on the other. And did I mention my laptop and monitor? Needless to say, I need work space wherever I can get it and the vertical dock gives that space without having to sacrifice my laptops’ capabilities, like: USB access, Thunderbolt, SD Card, and audio access – to name a few. Best of all? The price. At $69 you’d be hard pressed to find anything comparable. And the design is quite Apple-esque.


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