How I Broke my iPhone 4

Breaking my iPhone was probably the worst gadget-related experiences I’ve ever had. It was like losing a limb. Seriously. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve grown so attached to my iPhone that I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I mean, I do everything on it. I check my emails. I surf the internet. Play games. Update my Facebook status. The list keeps going and going. So you can imagine how destroyed I felt after I had dropped it. I was so upset! What was I going to do now? My (technological) soul, like my iPhone, had shattered into a million pieces! I honestly didn’t know what to do.

Ugh! Maybe it was a sign that it was time for me to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. I mean, I never really had any good luck with my iPhone 4 in the first place. And that shiny, new toy looked so enticing. However, I’m kind of a cheap skate and I particularly don’t like taking the easy way out by buying a new phone. After all, I still have a good year or two on my iPhone 4 before I officially max out its potential. So, I decided to get it fixed. Now, I had two choices: I could, either a) get the phone repaired professionally, or b) repair the phone myself. Since I’m pretty cheap, you could probably guess what I decided to do. Yup, I went in and got the phone fixed (cost: $100). Naw. Just jokes. I ordered a replacement screen w/ the LCD* on eBay (cost: $38 and all around best pricing) and decided to do the repair myself.

*WTTW: If you break the front panel on an iPhone 4, you will need a replacement screen that includes both the glass and LCD elements.

A couple caveats when deciding to do the repair yourself: Waiting for your replacement part to come in – for apparent reasons, ordering online means you won’t get your part right away. And actually, it would take a good 5 days before I would get the chance to sit down and work on repairing my iPhone 4 because that’s how long it took for my part to arrive in the mail. So expect to wait.

Also, having my battle-damaged phone for those next few days actually got me used to a shattered screen. I was like, “Hey, maybe this ain’t so bad after all. I can always work around it.”

Let me tell you, reality quickly set in when I finally got that package in the mail and I was like, “Boy, what were you thinking???” So on a Saturday morning, I got to work…

For prep, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: you’ll need a large workspace (in my case, it got really messy), enough time to get the task completed, and a little help from a professional.

Fortunately, living in the age that we do, YouTube pretty much guided me throughout the whole process (see below). And after about an hour or so later, my phone was as good as new. Plus, I had the added bonus of adding in my very own personal touch.

You like?

Overall, doing the repair myself was an awesome experience. And the great thing about doing the job yourself is the satisfaction you get from doing the job yourself. Not only that, you save a little money and learn something new. Plus, a whole new look for your iPhone – the iPhone 4P: Penguin (TuxEDO) Edition. I like the sound of that. At any rate, if you’re savvy (and brave) enough to go in on your own phone, here’s the vid that helped me out. Good luck!

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