iMadeFace | Cartoon Faces for your iPhone


iMadeFace [iTunes Link] is the latest craze to hit the iPhone that lets you draw your very own comic caricature in a fun and easy way. The purpose of iMadeFace is simple: to create a comic-like self-portrait of yourself from an array of pre-set facial features. I must admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about whether or not this app could create a comic caricature of me BUT with a bit of time and the literally millions of face-combinations you can come up with from their unique facial feature elements database, I realized that any face can be made.

The interface is simple enough: slide your fingers to select the various facial features, change thee colors, and eventually you’ll come up with something that looks like you. Or, your friend. Or, whomever you want to create a “face” for. You can also make one randomly. Once your “face” is done, you can download it to your Camera Roll or share it on all of your social networks. How easy is that? I’m not sure the creators of the iMadeFace app had this in mind, but another use I found for it (after you have perfected your facial look, of course) is that you can get a glimpse of what you’d look like with various hairstyles/facial hair. Now isn’t that special? Be sure to share your iMadeFace creations with us in the comments!


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