Instagram Video | Your (Filtered) 15 Seconds of Fame

15 seconds. That’s all the time Instagram needed to annihilate the competition with its new Video feature. Just tap the video camera icon to enter video mode and you’ll be able to record video. The 15 seconds refers to, of course, the amount of video you’ll be able to record through the Instagram camera. Either in parts or in a full video. In addition, thirteen filters built in specifically for video and the added ability to select a custom cover image for your videos.

This new feature will introduce a whole new way to see the world in motion. Some of it will be good. And some of it will be bad. But rest assured that it will all be entertaining. I still haven’t decided how I will be using the new video feature, but I’m thinking it will be somewhere along the lines of useful in some way. In the meantime, I recommend you download the Instagram app and see what’s changed for yourself. The video feature is daftly easy to use, but if you still need help, go here.


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