Its About Time for Apple Watch


Focused. Not distracted. Cares about time. I’m going to preface these phrases with “needs to be” because that is my current state of mind. I do needs to be focused, not distracted, and care more about time. But the only culprit preventing me from achieving what I want to do on a daily basis is my darn smartphone. Small minutes from my day are spent constantly checking my phone, and by the end of it, a lot of those small chunks of time end up becoming a lot. I could blame the phone for taking all my attention, but who am I kidding really? Its me. Apple probably got the hint that there are so many of us, though, because now they’ve announced the Apple Watch – a nifty device that I think that, not only can tell you the time, but give you more of it, too.

How, so? Well, for starters it literally is an extension of your Apple iPhone that enables you to read emails; respond to texts, and at a glance, take a look at what’s going on in your day. All without having to take out your phone. Now, for someone like me, my incessant need to check my phone in fear I’ll miss something may be gone altogether because now I’ll have the assurance that I’ll not miss a chance to see what I need to when I need to.

There’s a bunch of other reasons why I think this new watch may blow the competition, but for now, lets check out what’s new:

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