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Born from the streets of San Francisco and made popular in New York is KRink, the “world’s quickest-growing art supply line” The product line is inspired by the company’s Founder, KR, and his humble beginnings and deep involvement in the art and graffiti scene. As a young entrepreneur in the 90’s, KR sought to create creative writing tools to fit the diverse needs street art demanded. Initially, researching and developing the tools of his craft in San San Francisco. Then, later sharing the tools he developed with the whole artistic community.

Today, the writing tools first created to fit the specific needs of graffiti writers has grown into a product line with a range of creative tools for creative thinkers unique to the market in their style, history and quality. The paint drip aesthetic is KRink’s signature trademark, and the products have quickly embedded itself into art and design becoming a standard for street-inspired artists on Worldwide.


[Source: Hypebeast]

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