KusoPop | Drakness x RetRonin Varsity Jacket

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KusoPop just released two new varsity jackets that is sure to POP your skulls with its ultra-cool designs artistically placed on both the front and back. Not to be outshone by the trendy look of the varsity jackets themselves, there is also a unique story behind the designs itself that make these varsity jackets even more intriguing.

Negative feelings normally have a stigma of being bad for the soul, but in the Drakness design, the designer is conveying a message that there is beauty even in that negative space. While the RetRonin design takes you way back to give you a history lesson about the rōnin (浪人) of feudal Japan.

Quantities are limited to 150 pcs of the Drakness and RetRonin, so its best to get them before its gone!


Designed in collaboration with LilJapan. The artist includes his cultural background in his work and strongly believes that all negative feelings have beauty in them. This is part of what makes everyone who they are. Limited to 150 rare pieces, embrace the darkness.


Designed in collaboration with Rotobox. Immersed in Japanese-inspired anime and robots since childhood, the Rotobox founders coupled their innate creative talent with years of developed sketch drawings and designing. In feudal Japan, Ronin were samurai without a lord or master. Equipped with a blade and a boom box, this Ronin warrior is free from the shackles of authority.


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